Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Welcome to the Marinepool J/22 World Championship 2015 in Travemünde!

A wonderful day at the Marinepool J/22 World Championship in Travemünde!

…imagine, you awake from a horn, hear the seagulls that follow a fisher boat and the leaves sweep in the wind. After a short swim in the Baltic Sea and a breakfast with your sailing tribe you rig your J into ready-to-race-mode and relax under the sun. After 3 exhausting races in 14 kts breeze you drink a beer at the peer and you could not turn away your eyes from the amazing pictures of the day. Right next to you the German class president is trying to drew a perfect freezing cold German beer…
Yes, you are at the J/22 World Championships 2015!
Our slogan for this year is: „to guest with friends“. Of course, unfortunately, the German sailors can’t affect the weather conditions, but we hope for a good breeze and sunshine.
Some more details:
Travemünde Week is one of the biggest sailing events in Germany with more than 1600 sailors from all over the world and some other sailing classes will have their championships during that week. For example Laser 2 Worlds, RS Feva, Fun Euro Open, Gold-Cup D-One and the J/24 German Open will race next to us. The festival mile on shore will offer music and culinary delights, with many events and free concerts. Laser and fire shows will be held daily from the 4-mast-barque Passat.
The berthing place of the J/22 class is located directly in front of the big Travemünde promenade. We will have a small tent available for the whole week, located close to the peer. We will have some drinks there, time to talk and relax after the race days and to celebrate the winner of the day and the median placed team (22nd place).

The designated measurement area is on the “Priwall” on the other side of the river Trave. Arriving in Travemünde, we recommend all competing boats to come on the „Priwall“ first, to avoid the ferry.  (also see: How to get to Travemünde
Before the measurement can start, the whole crew with all the required documents have to go to the the regatta office, which is located at the waterfront of the Leuchtenfeld opposite to the square-rigger “Passat” and will be open from Friday, 17 July up to Sunday, 26 July from 08.00 - 20:00 hrs. Take the ferry across the Trave.

The Worlds will begin with a practice race on Monday at 3pm and in the evening there will be a Opening party for you in the Beach Club.
The races are scheduled from Tuesday till Saturday. This year all boats will be equipped with trackers, this means every sailor will be able to evaluate and analyze each race thereafter. This will also be available for the supporters and family members who stayed at home who can monitor who are actually in the lead of the race as the races will be transmitted live on the internet. To reload the tracker batteries, everybody has to bring the trackers back to the racing office after each race day and to pick them up in the morning.  

Tuesday evening we have our CA-Evening in the great 5-star Hotel COLUMBIA with a wonderful view on the Bay of Lübeck and the passing ferries and sailing ships.
The Lübecker Yacht Club offers an outstanding sailing venue for media and spectators - The spectacular SAILING ARENA TRAVE - directly in the mouth of the river Trave! During this years Travemünde Sailing Week, the J/22 Class will participate in the event in a special format starting about 5pm on Thursday after the official racing. Short, sharp and punchy races of about 10 to 15 minutes will be held right in front of the promenade with thousand of spectators.
In the evening the Lübecker Yacht Club invites all sailors for dinner, in the Yacht Clubs clubhouse.
On Friday evening we will have an official invitation of the Travemünde Week hosts and the mayor of the city of Lübeck on the 4-mast-barque “Passat”. There will be free drinks and some finger food. 
The last race on Saturday will be held on the SAP-Media-Course with live transmission to the internet as well as the SAP-Sailing-Cube on shore.
In the afternoon we will have our price giving ceremony at the SAP-Sailing-Cube. After we have celebrated our new J/22 World champions, we have arranged a tombola with wonderful prizes from our sponsors. We appreciate everybody to join it. 
We hope to see many J/22 sailors in Travemünde and as far as the organization is today, I can tell you there will be some other nice surprises waiting for you.
If you have any questions don’t be shy to contact us!

Greetings from all German J/22 sailors who work hard to set up Worlds you won’t forget! 

See you on the water!