Thursday, July 23, 2015

Race Day 1 and 2

Race Day 1 & 2 @ Marinepool J22 Worldchampionship 2015


During Monday evening invitation at the famous Travemünder Week Sailors Beach Club the Marinepool J22 Worldchampionships have been officially opened by Clubs Andrea Varner Tümmler chairman of the des Lübecker Yacht Club.


Tuesday, the first racing day welcomes the participants with heavy rain on the way to the race course but after a while the sun was breaking through. However, cockpits and crews still got really wet due to increasing wind.


Black flag was required to get the 45 boats on the first course, perfect sailing!


During the day wind was still increasing and waves of 1,5m leading to rough conditions for the second race. It was a real fight for all crews especially for the lightweight crews – but downwind we can tell you, was the fun of the day – not for all the crews, because we saw the first spinnaker- pools cracking and spinnaker blown up!


Lining up at the starting line for the third race the wind was still increasing and readings showing up to 30 knots leading the race committee to send the boats back to the harbor.


Seeing 43 J’s tacking back into the harbour with that wind conditions was a real spectacle for the visitors at the shore line. The only disadvantage of the day was, that more than 30 boats got a penalty for crossing another race course on the way back ….


The racing day has been closed with J 22 Class evening BBQ at the beautiful garden of the 5-star Hotels Columbia, believe it or not, we have seen some of the beautiful Dutch girls wearing the “little black one”.


The second racing day was showing a completely different side of the Baltic Sea; no wind and the first start had to be delayed for 2 hours. Once again the black flag had to be pulled to get the boats on the course. 


We managed having 4 races in tricky conditions with heavy wind shifts – wind between 5 to 10 knots. More than once the leading teams have seen the whole spinnaker field from a new angle – from behind J


Leading after 6 races is the American team with helmsman Chris Doyle - 10 points (3, 1, (4), 1, 1, 4) second is Jean-Michel Lautier from the Netherlands - 13 points (4, 4, 1, 2, 2, 2 (6)) and third is Martin Menzner from Germany with 15 points (1, 2, 2, 4, 6, (10)).


A perfect sailing day with lots of sunshine was finished with a jetty bear sponsored by the Lübecker Yacht Club and the Dutch class association. 


So far a perfect sailing event with as well nice socials.


Kind regards,

Thomas Hanf


GER 1562