Friday, March 13, 2015

Let your family and friends follow you on the way to win the World Championship!

During the J/22 World Championship all teams on all race courses will be equipped with GPS tracking units. 
In cooperation with SAP we have a great live tracking solution, which provides live coverage of every race from start to finish. Through analyzing GPS data together with integrated wind measurements from sensors out on the race course, the leader board displays information such as in-race ranking, average speeds, distance travelled, ETA (estimated time of arrival at the next mark rounding), gaps to leader, gains and losses per leg.
Your family and friends can follow you LIVE during the races in the internet. And you can follow your own performance and progress of the whole competition.

Thursday afternoon the Trave Short Track races will take place in front of 25.000 spectators. The program covers two semi-finals and a final. All three races are extremely short, only between 10 and 15 minutes long. Along with the sailing experts in the SAP Sail Cube every sailing fan can follow and unterstand the racing easily.

The final day race will take place on the media course with live transmission to the internet as well as the sailing cube on shore.